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In 2004, the Greystone program began operation as the newest & most unique civilian service academy preparatory school in the nation. Our mission was simple then: Empower young men and women to earn their appointment to the service academy of their choice.

Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.
- Harriet Beecher Stowe

In the time that has passed, Greystone has evolved and so too has our mission. It was not long after our beginning that the basic mission that served to empower our students into the academies was determined to be lacking. We felt strongly that we should do more for our candidates who desired such a noble ambition – to serve our country as an academy-trained and educated leader. Greystone was determined to expand the mission to include our purpose of empowering our students to not just earn their academy appointments, but to ensure that our students graduated from the academies. To secure this task, Greystone had to go where no other academy prep program had ever gone before – we had to get involved in the candidate’s application process for nomination as well as academy appointments.

Tony Fazio and Chris Siedsma - USNA Service Assignment Night!

It became our ambition to provide the structure, organization and oversight that would ensure that all paperwork leaving Greystone involving nominations and appointments had to first go through the Greystone office to ensure accuracy, quality and timeliness of submission. In addition to the administrative oversight, it became clear that Greystone needed to become involved in the resolution of DoDMERB issues that prevented candidates from obtaining their academy appointments. Ultimately, Greystone had to serve as their advocate for all issues pertaining to their nominating sources, DoDMERB and the academies.

These additional considerations and needs enhanced the mission of the Greystone program to more than simply empowering candidates to earn their academy appointments. Greystone must also provide candidates with the skills and experience necessary to excel through four years of academy challenges, graduate, and earn their commission.

In years to come, Greystone will continue to expand our mission to include working with our graduates as they maneuver through their military careers. Our mission is not to provide a single-year effort; our mission is to continue to serve the needs of our candidates wherever and whenever they need us. Greystone is a life-long commitment of service to our students. Because of this, the Greystone experience has been referred to as more than a school or a team, but rather as a family – people who care about each other and have something in common – an endless passion to empower those who serve.

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