How to Apply

Students are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible in the Spring of their senior year. Evaluation of an applicant’s potential for success includes a review of high school Grade Point Average (GPA) and rank in high school graduating class as well as a complete listing of all standardized test scores (ACT and/or SAT). You will need to provide the following to the University of the Ozarks:

Official High School Transcript

An official high school transcript from an accredited high school showing cumulative GPA and current rank in class through the FALL SEMESTER OF SENIOR YEAR (Includes final grades of Fall Semester Senior Year).

SAT/ACT Scores

Send your supporting DOCS

SAT School Code 6111

ACT School Code 0120

AP Exam Scores

Please call the Greystone office at 433-822-8918 for more information.


Please list your involvement in all areas to include: Academic Awards, Student Government, National Honor Society, Drama, Language, Debate Team, School Publication, Band/Orchestra, JROTC, Athletics, Boy Scout/Girl Scout, Boys/Girls State, Volunteer Experience, Work Experience, Church Involvement, and leadership positions in all activities. Please send Resume to


You may use one of your essays used for your Congressional nomination OR academy application. If you choose to write a new essay, share with the Greystone Admissions Board “Why you desire to attend Greystone at The University of the Ozarks". Please send to Mrs. Bailey at

Greystone Application

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If you have submitted a Greystone at the University of the Ozarks application, please call 443-822-8918 or email for verification of submitted application and corresponding information.

Application Deadlines

Greystone employs a Rolling Admissions process that allows interested candidates to apply throughout the Spring Semester and into the Summer months.

Tuition, Room, Board & Fees

The cost of public and private education has increased considerably over the last several years. This includes the costs for private academy preparatory schools as well as colleges and universities. Tuition costs at these specialized academy preparatory schools range from $17,000 to $65,000. As you conduct your research for the best institution, it is imperative that the program meets your individual needs as well as the academic expectations of the academies – not all programs are created equal, and cost is not always the best indicator of quality or relevance.

The national average for a single year of private college education in 2020-2021 was $54,880*. We are fortunate to affilitae ourselves with the University of the Ozarks who is offering our families this incredible education experience at $23,900.00! This cost includes ROOM, BOARD, TUITION, FEES and TAXES! Families are eligible to receive State and Federal assistance. Military families are allowed to use their earned military benefits like Yellow Ribbon. If you're thinking, how is this possible? The University of the Ozarks BELIEVES in our future military leaders and have moved mountains to make this opportunity affordable. Payable to the University of the Ozarks for the 2020-21 academic year include:

Tuition for 2022-2023 $23,900
Fees for the Academic Year $included
  • • Student Activity Fee $included
  • • Student Technology Fee $included
  • • Lab Fees $included
  • • Health and Wellness $included
  • • Housing Deposit (refundable) $included
  • • Summer Session Early Move In $included
    Room for the Academic Year (Cary-Wortz) $included
    Meals for Academic Year (Unlimited Access Plan) $included
    University of the Ozarks SCHOLARSHIP $included
    TOTAL Direct Costs for Greystone Students* $23,900.00

    Greystone students are full-time college students co-enrolled at University of the Ozarks and therefore, if you have earned any college scholarships, they can be applied toward your tuition.

    Greystone students pay the exact same amount for 38 credit hours as does any other University of Ozarks student. What is not shown is that the University underwrites the total cost of the Greystone operational budget which equates to approximately $15,000 per student. When seen from the perspective of cost vs. value, for $23,900 Greystone students receive the value of a high-quality college education along with the most successful academy preparatory program in the nation... at no additional cost!

    As an academy-bound student, you and your parents must look at each program as a major investment in your academic future. There is a great deal riding on this decision and it is not all about the cost of the prep school. The service academies estimate the value of their 4-year education and training experience to be worth approximately $500,000. This means that whatever the cost of your academic preparation, if you are successful in gaining admission to a service academy you will be receiving an education worth many times your prep school investment that includes some of the most prestigious academic, athletic and leadership training in the world. It also means you will not be saddled with extensive student debt. Instead, you will have a job with career opportunities beyond your 5 years of initial service - something not all college graduates can say in this economy! Additionally, should you elect to get out of the service after the 5-year point, you can start your career search with an academy diploma in hand, experience as a junior officer and the reputation afforded to academy grads from the alumni network. All in all, it is worth the time and effort to choose wisely.

    When you evaluate a preparatory school, pay attention to whether the program can maximize the return on your investment. Determine if the program:
         • provides a focused program tailored to meet your specific individual needs.
         • meets and exceeds the academy's recommended college-level coursework content for reapplying candidates.
         • fully prepares each student for the physical, mental and emotional demands of the academies' first-year...and beyond.
         • assists students to develop the ethical and moral strengths that are critical requirements for academy success.
         • provides each student with a valid, high-value back up plan should their year of prep not result in an academy appointment.

    The guiding principle for your selection of a preparatory school must be “buyer beware”. Make no mistake – you are a sought-after buyer, and there are sellers offering every level of quality, in a market where cost alone is not a reliable basis for a good decision.

    Greystone has recently affiliated itself with the University of the Ozarks to create a comprehensive program specifically designed for academy-bound students. Minimizing tuition cost and maximizing the academic, physical and ethical value of the program has been the top priority for Greystone. Comparatively speaking, Greystone offers excellent value for money: continuity, you are with the same team for both semesters, a true college-level curriculum, 38 earned college credits, academy-specific academics, physical preparation, character development, leadership training, personal growth and individual maturity. Do your homework, do the math, and you'll find that the value of the Greystone experience provides the highest potential fora maximum return on your preparatory school investment.


    Admissions Policy

    The University of the Ozarks admits qualified students without regard to race, sex, color, religion, age, disability, veteran status or national origin. However, due to the physical and age requirements established for appointment to a United States service academy, Greystone applicants must meet or be capable of meeting the established academy admissions criteria to be accepted into the Greystone program.

    Like the University of the Ozarks, Greystone admits students on a rolling admission basis. As soon as a file is complete, it is presented to the University of the Ozarks Admissions Board for review. Once an admission decision is made and the student is admitted to the University of the Ozarks, the student is presented to Greystone for evaluation by the Greystone Admissions Board. All students will be informed by the University of the Ozarks and Greystone in writing of their status after all documents are evaluated. It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that all required documents are received in the Office of Admission in a timely manner. All records and transcripts become the property of the University of the Ozarks and will not be returned to the student or forwarded to another site.

    All students must have a health form and an immunization record on file in the Health Center prior to Summer Session. Health and accident insurance is mandatory for all Greystone students.

    Admission Offer and Commitment Fee

    If a student accepts the Greystone offer of admission, the student is required to pay the University of the Ozarks a $200 admission commitment fee, which serves as serious intent to enroll and is, therefore, non-refundable. The commitment fee reserves classroom space and reserves your room in the Greystone dorm. At the time of registration, the commitment fee is credited towards the student's account. Commitment fees are due to the University within 30 days of acceptance unless an extension is requested.

    Physical Examination

    A current Sports Physical is required to participate in Greystone Preparatory School and ROTC. Sports Physical documentation will be required prior to Summer Session.

    Special Admission Consideration

    All applicants are individually reviewed and evaluated by the Greystone Admissions Board before an admission decision is made. Students with insufficient academic preparation may be admitted with special conditions regarding course load and performance. Any applicant who is denied admission to the Greystone program has the right to appeal the denial by contacting the Greystone Executive Director at 443-822-8918.


    Students who have received an outside scholarship may be eligible to utilize it while enrolled at the University of the Ozarks. Detailed scholarship information can be obtained from the University of the Ozarks. Please call Ms. Rebecca Willems, Associate Director of Admissions, 479-970-3842 or at

    Further questions regarding admission or financial aid will be referred to the Office of Admission and Financial Aid. Please call the Greystone office for information 443-822-8918.


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