One of the most significant goals of the Greystone program is to provide each candidate with the opportunity to maximize their competitiveness so they earn their academy appointment. When the candidate earns their appointment, they begin living their dream of serving our nation as an academy trained and educated leader. The true measure of any academy cadet or midshipman is a function of their graduation from the academy - which is the secondary goal of the Greystone program. Both goals - entering the academy and graduating from the academy - go hand-in-hand with the purpose behind the Greystone opportunity to maximize the full potential of each candidate regardless of where they begin the process. Most Greystone students enter our program having just graduated from high school. As high school graduates, the next logical step in their education is to begin college. Their career ambitions should determine which path they take, however, for academy-bound students, their path should be at the highest level possible because that is exactly where the academy and their career will take them. Students seeking their academy appointments must realize that the challenges that await them are formidable and that one of the major reasons why so many academy candidates fail either in the application process or once they arrive at the academy can be directly attributed to their lack of adequate preparation!

At Greystone, we take the candidates' dreams of service to our nation very seriously. We take them so seriously that we created a program specifically designed for them at the highest academic level possible – where no other service academy prep program had ever gone before! Through our affiliation with University of the Ozarks, our students not only receive a high-level private university education, they also prepare themselves at the right level to fully engage the rigors they can expect to encounter when they enter the academy. Greystone students learn how to function at the academy level and how to excel – they learn how to push themselves to where they have never excelled before as a scholar. Their University of the Ozarks experience enables Greystone students to propel themselves to their highest level of academic achievement while at the academies which then opens doors for career opportunities after graduation. We designed Greystone to empower our students to maximize their skills and experiences as scholars, athletes and leaders so for the time they have at the academy, they will be enabled to achieve their dreams – not just for themselves, but for those they will someday lead! At Greystone, students quickly learn that their time on the University of the Ozarks campus is not measured in months or weeks or days, but in minutes. For every minute they waste not maximizing the time they are given is not just a moment wasted for them as competing candidates, but it is also a minute they waste as an evolving future leader. Greystone students understand that those they will someday lead are right this minute serving at the pointed end of the spear – they are doing the job that must be done to protect our nation. The time they are given now to prepare themselves to become exceptional academy trained and educated leaders must not be squandered, but rather used to their advantage. Leadership is, after all, a life-long learning ambition. Only the “best of the best” will win when it comes to leadership – and at Greystone, we are serious about winning – not for us, but for them! This has much to do with not just the success rate of our students who earn their academy appointments (89% of our program graduates); it also has much to do with the success of our academy graduates (94%) who go on to live their dream and to serve "them" as leaders.

Academy Applications

Over the summer training session, Greystone students pre-apply to all five of the federal service academies. The purpose behind the five pre-applications is to allow each student to open a file at that academy and begin learning about all the options and opportunities available to them through that specific academy experience. Many candidates begin the academy application process focused only on a single academy and by the end of the summer; they are very well educated about the pros and cons of all five of the academies. The intent is to allow the candidate to make an “informed” decision based upon fact and ground truth information – and minimize the role of urban myth and rumor.

At Greystone, we have each student identify a minimum of three service academies that they are interested in and by the beginning of the academic year; they will have completed most of their academy applications for those academies. With the help of the Greystone Staff, all parts of each academy application will be reviewed to ensure that the product submitted to the academies is correct, accurate and professionally written – and submitted on time! No academy application document leaves a candidate's hands without it first going through the Greystone Staff. Completing most of the academy applications prior to the start of the academic year will allow the candidate to focus more time on their studies, thus affording each student the opportunity to excel in the classroom (making them more competitive as academy candidates).

Applying to more than one academy is highly recommended by the academies given the competitive nature of the selection process and the sheer numbers of high-quality applicants. Applying to more than one academy also helps to maximize the possibility that at the end of the Greystone experience, each candidate will be attending one of their academies of interest. Greystone will not push any candidate into an academy but will work with them to ensure that the appointment that they earn is an appointment they will accept.

Our ambition is the realization of your dream of service to our nation as an academy trained and educated leader. It must be YOUR dream because it is your life and YOUR future. At Greystone we will help you to realize your dream by providing you with every opportunity to maximize your competitiveness as a scholar, athlete and leader. We are here for you!

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