Greystone Enhancement

From its humble beginnings seventeen years ago, Greystone was designed to be far more than a traditional academy preparation program, narrowly focused on a cursory review of high school subjects. Greystone needed to go beyond conventional and set the new standard for what academy preparatory education should be for candidates who are willing to go above and beyond.

For all prep schools, their mission is to support students so they can earn an academy appointment. While this is a good start, a prep school should be so much more. Candidates seek opportunities to improve their credentials because, for whatever reason, they were previously unsuccessful. For these candidates willing to invest another year of their life pursuing their dream, more must be done to support this ambition. Enter Greystone

Change the Status Quo

The first step for any academy reapplicant is to change the status quo. The resume must be improved upon to make the candidate more competitive. The three areas of interest to the academies are enhanced performance as a scholar (GPA and SAT/ACT scores), improvement physically (strength and endurance – CFA), and continued success as a leader. The academies recommend that candidates who reapply do so at the college level.

The Greystone program is laser-focused on changing the status quo for our students. All Greystone students are full-time University of the Ozarks students enrolled in up to 38 credit hours of Calculus, Chemistry with lab, English Composition, American History, and Military Science – all are courses recommended by the academies for reapplicants. Greystone students engage in daily Physical Training designed to improve strength and conditioning for improved scores on the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA). Finally, the Greystone program is intended to train students to be leaders of character by affording them leadership experience throughout the year.

Once a plan is in place, candidates must submit their applications for nominations and academy appointments. Greystone oversees the entire process beginning in June – ten weeks before the UofO academic year starts. Greystone must review and approve all nomination and appointment documents to ensure each package's completion, accuracy, and timeliness. Under Greystone oversight, students will submit a nomination package to their congressional representative, both senators, and the Vice President. Students are required to pre-apply to all five of the academies in June. By August, they will narrow their focus to a minimum of three academies.

When the academic year begins, Greystone nominations and academy applications will be 70-90% completed. Early completion of the admin chores ensures that students can focus on their academic performance to maximize their UofO GPA. Beginning in August, Greystone students are required to take the SAT and ACT whenever offered. Improvement of the SAT/ACT scores help candidates stand out academically. The goal is to demonstrate their academic abilities at the UofO and on the College Board examinations, representing approximately 60% of the total candidate evaluation.

Physical conditioning is a significant part of the Greystone program. Students engage in daily Physical Training (PT) every morning (except Sunday) to improve their performance on the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA). While athletics and the CFA only count for 10% of the total candidate assessment, it is 10% and therefore worthy of our time and effort. Participation in PT and UofO competitive intramural sports also helps to foster a stronger sense of team.

Students engage in formal and informal Leadership Training throughout their time at Greystone. This training aims to expand the depth and breadth of their leadership experience so they can draw from this leadership reservoir when they arrive at their academy and beyond. For this reason, Greystone students are selected to serve the Class in various operational and administrative leadership roles. Students are trained in their specific set of duties and responsibilities and then encouraged to exercise their leadership. Leadership learning occurs whether the student is the leader or the follower, the doer or the observer – the intent is the same…to learn.

Along with their Leadership Training, Greystone students are immersed in Character Development. When the students arrive on campus, they learn about the academy honor codes or concepts and the academy conduct systems. The objective is to create a Class Honor Code and a Class Standards of Conduct that will serve the team throughout their time at Greystone. The students write each document during their Summer Session, present it in an open forum and then sign the documents signifying they agree to live by the Code and Standard. Since both are Class documents, the Class is charged with overseeing the daily maintenance of their Honor Code and Standards of Conduct through committees. The Honor Committee and Conduct Committee are fully staffed with Greystone students responsible for investigating and presenting possible infractions to the Class. Should the Committee determine that a violation occurred, the case is presented to the Class. It is voted upon (a violation occurred or did not occur). By empowering the Class to write and then support an honor and conduct system, they become fully engaged in the process of living within a system similar to what they will live by at the academy. In the seventeen years that Greystone has been in operation, no Greystone graduate at the academies has ever been kicked out for an honor or conduct violation. Leaders must be trusted to follow the rules, and as a leader of character, they must also be honorable. Learning about themselves and their character at Greystone provides all students with the experience to know and act on what is right and what is wrong.

One of the most essential skill sets that Greystoners learn is time management. Effective time management enables Greystone students, academy cadets or midshipmen, or commissioned officers to maximize their time. A leader who is capable of using time to his or her advantage will prove to be successful. It has been said that successful time management – when done correctly – allows the time manager to make time. Since a military career requires that leaders accomplish more with their time than is reasonable, this is an essential skill set that must be mastered while at Greystone.

Greystone is so much more than a traditional academy prep school. It is often said that 99% of what a Greystone student learns while on campus does not come from an academic book, but rather it comes from their experiences encountered daily. Greystone students are challenged every day and must adapt and overcome all challenges in order to excel. For this reason, Greystone must enhance our program to meet the expectations placed upon our students by the academies and the military.

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