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Welcome to the Greystone website! You have discovered the only university-level academy preparatory school developed specifically for young men and women who are not willing to give up on their dream of attending one of the five Federal Service Academies. Should you have candidates who did not earn their academy appointment and are interested in pursuing their appointment again, Greystone is certainly a unique option worthy of their consideration.

Greystone is currently approved by the Naval Academy Foundation, the West Point Preparatory Scholars Program and the Air Force Academy Falcon Foundation for their sponsored candidates.  Greystone also accepts candidates who are not sponsored – free agents.  As a Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3), Greystone also accepts all candidates regardless of their gender or diversity status.  So long as an academy candidate meets the Schreiner University admission criteria and is willing to provide Greystone with a 110% effort 100% of the time, they are welcome into the program.

Greystone Preparatory School is unique in this country for a few reasons: we are the only academy prep school offering candidates a university-level academic experience where they will earn up to 38 fully transferable college credits.  Through our affiliation with Schreiner University, Greystone students are full-time college students.  Greystone students live in their own dormitory on campus, but are integrated into the Schreiner campus in their classes, at the Schreiner Diner and on the athletic fields during intramural sports.  As Schreiner students, they receive a full “college” experience having access to all facilities and activities available to the campus community.  Greystone students essentially complete their freshmen year of study – a significant safety net should they not earn their academy appointment!

Greystone is unique because the entire program was developed by academy faculty, staff and alumni for the sole purpose of raising the preparatory school experience to a higher level that would better meet the expectations of the academies.  As scholars, athletes and leaders, Greystone students experience a higher level of challenge so they may transition from their prep school experience laterally into their academy experience.  They will have mastered their academic courses – all of which are in sync with academy first-year courses.  They will be in their best shape ever physically – ready to excel throughout their first-year summer training.  They will have a complete understanding of the academy honor codes and concepts because they will have written and lived by a code while at Greystone – a code that they wrote themselves as part of their Character Development Course.  They have a solid appreciation for what the academy expects of them conduct-wise because they will have lived by their own Standards of Conduct while they were Greystone students. 

As an Academy Liaison you may provide information about Greystone to candidates from your state or your congressional district as a service to your constituents.  In addition to the information, Greystone also welcomes candidates and their parents to participate in any and all Greystone events and activities listed on our calendar.  It is our hope that these special young men and women be afforded the opportunity to determine for themselves their best course should they choose to reapply to the academies.  Our intent is to inform, the decision is completely up to your constituents.

As an Academy Liaison, Greystone is open should you choose to visit.  Visits can be scheduled through the Greystone office by call 830-896-6530 or by sending an email to the Greystone Administrative Director at

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