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In addition to the physical and character development, the heart of the Greystone program is provided through our unique relationship with the University of the Ozarks, in Clarksville, AR. Our affiliation with the University of the Ozarks provides all Greystone students with the high intensity “Greystone Curriculum” which is specifically designed through guidance provided from the academies to be far more challenging than traditional freshman year studies. The University of the Ozarks freshmen academics parallel the first-year coursework at the Military Academy, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Merchant Marine Academy and the Coast Guard Academy. By affiliating our academic program with the University, Greystone is not only able to tailor a program to meet the needs of the academies, but also thanks to the depth and flexibility provided by the University, Greystone can also meet the individual needs of our students.

Never forget that the Academy is not a high school, a community college or a junior college. The Academy is a four-year, fully-accredited leadership institution. Academy preparation at any level less than that is a waste of their time and effort.

- VADM Rodney Rempt, former USNA Superintendent

At the University of the Ozarks, students are not numbers; they are unique individuals who receive the attention from the faculty and staff necessary to excel as scholars. Because of their status as academy-bound candidates, more is expected from Greystone students by faculty. This elevated level of expectation motivates our students to higher levels of academic performance which is key to successfully engaging academy-level challenges. Whether a Greystone candidate comes from a big city or a small-town high school, all benefit from the individualized attention, university-level academics and elevated performance expectations. If the objective is true academy preparation, it only makes sense to pursue a program that will challenge and expand your scholastic capabilities so that this year is truly meaningful and directly applicable to your future academy experience.

Greystone students live in the Cory-Wortz Residence Hall on the University of the Ozarks campus. By having all Greystone students living in the same suites, our students develop a strong bond as a team. The team concept is utilized to maximize the learning opportunity provided by the University in that all Greystone students work together to maintain focus on goals and objectives while the strength of the team is used to overcome academic weaknesses of individual team members.

Greystone students attend classes with other ozarks students. In this regard, they experience a true college lifestyle. The objective of the Greystone program is to eliminate all superfluous distractions that do not directly improve their credentials as candidates. As an academy Commandant remarked while the Greystone program was being developed, “Allow your candidates to focus and apply themselves on what they need to accomplish to earn their appointments and leave the military training to the academies so the candidate can learn it the right way when they get here”. It makes little sense to devote hours upon hours to distractions that in the end will not help improve a candidate's competitive edge. It makes sense to maintain focus on college-level academics because superior performance in the classroom is noticed by the academy admissions boards and can give the first-year academy students a significant advantage when classes begin. Conversely, should a candidate not earn their appointment, the student has successfully completed their entire freshman year of college and earned 38 fully-transferable college credits. There is much to be said for an academy prep program that is specifically designed to maximize the year of academic “preparation” to ensure the candidate has maximized his or her full range of options and opportunities as a scholar, athlete and leader!  Such preparation is something a candidate can take with them wherever their future takes them and that is never a waste of time or effort!

Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.

- Confucius

Aside from intensive classroom instruction, University of the Ozarks also provides individual tutoring beyond the classroom through the Student Success Center. Tutors/upperclassmen with demonstrated expertise in the particular field of study provide one-to-one or small group tutoring assistance at no additional charge. Greystone students in need of additional academic help can always find it from their professor after class, the Student Success Center and their Greystone classmates.

Courses that Greystone students enroll in are reviewed annually to ensure what is taught by the University of the Ozarks is in sync with what is being taught at the academies. As changes are made to academy courses, Ozarks is informed and changes are implemented. By working closely with the academies, Greystone ensures that the courses presented by the University Schreiner are completely relevant and applicable to what is taught at the academies. When candidates arrive at the academies, they are fully prepared to engage every course in order to maximize their academy academic opportunity.

Captain Charles Schreiner, circa 1923.

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