Plan of the Day

The Day-to-Day operation of the Greystone program is listed in a single document called the Plan of the Day or POD for short.  This document is published twice per week and it is the responsibility of each Greystone student to know what is going on at all times - and the POD helps to make that happen!  Most military organizations publish a similar document and therefore familiarization with its contents is helpful to the professional development of the candidate. The contents of each POD - including the daily schedule, the long range, and the announcements - help students to get themselves organized which contributes to their increased productivity.  The POD is also sent to parents, former students and their parents and friends of Greystone - over 500 people around the world are interested in what's happening at Greystone on a daily basis.  From the front line in Afghanistan to the Ready Room aboard an aircraft carrier in the Gulf - the Greystone POD is everywhere!  If you or someone you know would like to be added to the POD mailing list, please click here. Once you have submitted your name and email, we will add you to the mailing list within two days. Enjoy!

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