Greystone parents are a vital part of the Greystone experience in that they represent a major component of the support “Triad”. The Triad consists of your son or daughter, the Greystone Staff and you – the parents. For Greystone to accomplish our mission, we must be able to “push” your son or daughter beyond their comfort zone and into that “unknown zone”. By “push” I mean we must be able to motivate and inspire them to take another step closer toward academic, athletic and leadership excellence. To accomplish this task daily, we must know what is going on in their heads and in their hearts – and this is where parents play a vital role.

 As normal academy-bound college freshman, it is not unusual for them to assume the aura of being “ten feet tall and bullet-proof” while on campus, however, as experienced mentors and advisors, the Greystone Staff is aware that these young people sometimes pass such issues along to “Moms and Dads”. Parents must work hand-in-glove with the Greystone Staff to ensure that when such information regarding health, injuries or emotional setbacks are shared, the parents pass that information along to Greystone. As an example, a few years ago one of our more stellar Greystone students who traditionally performed at the upper level for some reason presented himself at the lower level during morning PT. When asked if there was a problem, he replied that there was none – and nothing else was presented to explain his performance. When the parents were called later that morning, they informed the Staff that the Grandmother had passed away the night before and their son was very close to her! No wonder why he was not performing up to his normal standard! For Greystone to “push”, we must know when things happen on the “home front”. Everything from a girl/boyfriend issue, death in the family, death of a pet – anything that would impact performance is something that needs to be passed to Greystone so we can assist. The Greystone Staff has a very close relationship with each student and because of this relationship; we can assist your son or daughter – as well as you! Trust me, it is of great comfort to know that there are people who care deeply about your son or daughter in times of crisis. We are as close as the phone!

As Staff, we see ourselves as an extension of the family unit and we will certainly support your family to ensure you are able to deal effectively with problems and crisis as they arise. Conversely, the Greystone Staff will ensure that we communicate with the parents when we notice changes in their son or daughter. Effective two-way communication between the parents and Greystone will ensure that your son or daughter is able to maximize what this program is designed to deliver – sustained superior performance in the classroom, on the athletic field and as leaders. Parents can rest assured that as a Staff, we take our responsibilities seriously and therefore you always have access to the entire Greystone Staff – period. We are here for you too!

One of the most challenging and exasperating moments of your life has to be the experience of the nomination and academy application process. Parents have informed Greystone of their frustration as they attempted to help their sons or daughters fill out their applications properly, obtain all those letters of recommendation, deal with DODMERB, communicate with the congressman and senator offices, talk to the academies and their recruiters – it was mind numbing and exhausting! Unfortunately, that is the way the game is played, but there is a silver lining – Greystone will take on much of this burden. The Staff understands how the entire process works and it is our responsibility to ensure that each candidate submits a completed package for each nomination and each academy – on time! We work with DODMERB to ensure that all steps are taken should there be a need for a waiver. We work closely with the academies and their recruiters to answer all questions and to monitor their application status. We go the extra mile to oversee the entire process to ensure that every part of every application is complete and without error. Greystone assumes the duties as your son’s or daughter’s advocate and we help them get the job done. Your student will be focusing on maximizing their academics, physical conditioning, involvement in community service and the many other facets involved in the Greystone experience. In the end, your son or daughter will earn everything that they are entitled to and based upon the successes of our students, that will be considerable!

All of this is possible so long as we work together as a team – parents, son or daughter and Greystone!

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