For many parents, this is your introduction to Greystone since this is your first experience with “academy rejection.” I understand your situation, but there is light at the end of this tunnel if you are willing to read on.

What is Greystone?

 What is Greystone? We are the youngest and most unique academy preparatory school in the country. We have been serving the needs of academy bound students for the past 17 years. During this time, we have sent over 500 Greystone graduates to the academies…students who only a few years ago were just like your son or daughter! At Greystone, we invest much time and effort into their academic, athletic, and leadership development and oversee every component of their nomination and academy application, SAT/ACT prep, DODMERB issue resolution, and physical rehab if needed. We also teach them about time management, public speaking, honor, and conduct and then deal with every other crisis until they fulfill their dream. Greystone is not a 9 to 5 job, but rather a commitment to their future – and that takes more than time and dedication. What makes us unique is our close working relationship with our students – we serve to motivate and inspire them toward excellence daily. When your sons and daughters are successful, they will have grown into mature, honorable, and confident young men and women. They will be ready to engage in the challenges that await them at the academies…and beyond!

Your Part...

Greystone parents are a vital part of the total Greystone experience. They represent a significant component of the support “Triad.” The Triad consists of the student, the Greystone Staff, and the parents – the parents. For Greystone to accomplish our mission, we must be able to “push” your son or daughter beyond their comfort zone and into that “unknown zone.” By “push,” I mean we must be able to motivate and inspire them to take multiple steps closer toward academic, athletic, and leadership excellence. To accomplish this task daily, we must know what is going on in their heads and hearts – and this is where parents play a vital role. As a typical academy-bound university freshman, it is not unusual for our students to assume the aura of being “ten feet tall and bullet-proof” while on campus. As experienced mentors and advisors, the Greystone Staff is aware that these young people sometimes neglect to pass their problems on to Staff, but they sometimes share with their parents. When such information regarding health, injuries, or emotional setbacks are shared, parents must pass that information along to Greystone. For Greystone to motivate students, Greystone must be aware when things happen on the “home front.” Everything from girl/boyfriend issues, sickness or death in the family, death of a pet – anything that could impact performance must be shared with Greystone to get that candidate back in the game. The Greystone Staff traditionally enjoys a very close relationship with each student. Because of this relationship, we can assist your son or daughter – as well as the parents! It is of great comfort to know that there are people who care deeply about your son or daughter in times of crisis. We are as close as the phone!

All Cards on the Table...

Last year, Greystone moved to a new campus – the University of the Ozarks! The reason for this move is strictly financial – at the previous university, the cost of room, board, tuition, and fees were exceeding what our students and their families could afford. Despite our best efforts to negotiate financial relief for our students, it was soon made clear that Greystone needed to find a new home. We conducted a nation-wide search, and our first iteration revealed that 134 schools met our initial criteria. After several more iterations, we expanded our criteria, narrowed our search to three finalists – and the University of the Ozarks won! Future Greystone students and their families won because we discovered a new university with greater capacity – academically, athletically, and logistically – to meet and exceed all of our criteria. And they did so at a much lower cost to our students! How is that possible? Ozarks saw in Greystone the potential to add highly qualified candidates to their campus community – and they were willing to offer significant scholarships to make Greystone their new partner. I am confident that this new home will afford our students so much more than we ever enjoyed at our previous home – and our students will be even more successful because of it!

The Greystone Staff...

As Staff, we see ourselves as an extension of the family unit. We will certainly support your family to ensure you can deal effectively with problems as they arise. Conversely, the Greystone Staff will ensure that we communicate with the parents when we notice changes in their son or daughter. Effective two-way communication between the parents and Greystone ensures that students can maximize what this program is designed to deliver – sustained superior performance in the classroom, athletics, and leaders. Parents can rest assured that as a Staff, we take our responsibilities seriously, and therefore you always have access to the entire Greystone Staff – period. We are here for you too!

Ups and Downs...

Some of the most challenging and exasperating moments experienced as a parent is the nomination and academy application process. Parents have informed Greystone of their frustration as they attempted to help their sons or daughters fill out their applications correctly, obtain all those transcripts and letters of recommendation, deal with DODMERB, communicate with the congressman and senators, talk to the academies and their recruiters – it is mind-numbing and exhausting! Unfortunately, that is how the game is played, but there is a silver lining – Greystone will take on much of this burden.

The Staff understands how the entire academy application process works, and it is our responsibility to ensure that each candidate submits a completed package for each nomination and each academy – on time! We work with DODMERB to ensure that all steps are taken should there be a need for a waiver. We work closely with the academies and their recruiters to answer all questions and monitor their application status. We go the extra mile to oversee the entire process to ensure that every part of every application is complete and without error. Greystone assumes the duties as your son’s or daughter’s advocate, and we help them get the job done. Your son or daughter will earn everything that they are entitled to, and based upon the successes of our students, that will be considerable!

All of this is possible so long as we work together as a team – parents, son or daughter and Greystone!

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