CDR David Bailey, Greystone CEO, USNA 1981

On behalf of the entire Greystone family – the Staff, our Board of Directors and Advisory Board members, Greystone volunteers, Greystone parents, Greystone Alumni, Schreiner University Faculty and Staff and most importantly, the current Greystone Class, I would like to welcome you to the Greystone website.  At this time of the year, many of you are receiving that "TWE" or "Thin White Envelope" and experiencing the emotions associated with your first rejection letter. If it is any consolation, I too received a TWE - in 1976 - and can still feel the pain caused by the words on that page...after all, I was going to the academy and therefore the letter had to be wrong! Unfortunately, the letter is what it is; however, you do not necessarily have to accept those words! Does that letter mean the end of your dream of attending an academy or is it just the end of the first attempt? Only you can make that decision. Only you can call it quits, however, since you are reading this, I will assume that you are not willing to give up on your dream! The question then becomes - what are you going to do to change the status quo and make yourself more competitive as an academy candidate? Again, only you have that answer! I hope you continue to read on and discover what the academies have discovered - that Greystone is an outstanding opportunity for those candidates not willing to give up on their dream!  Because of the unique opportunity afforded to Greystone students and the quality associated with this program, we are approved for sponsored candidates from USMA, USNA and USAFA. For those of you who are Free Agents (unsponsored), Greystone affords you the same opportunities and a wealth of additional reasons to join our team - the most significant is the success rate of our students who earn their academy appointments, but more importantly, it is the academy graduation rate of Greystone students (we are higher than all of the academies!). If this is of interest to you, read on and find out why!

What’s in a name?

The many challenges our students face as they pursue their nominations and academy appointments have often been compared to climbing a mountain.  In the early days of the program development, I was reading some of the memoirs from Lord Hillary; a world-renowned mountain climber and explorer. I discovered that he kept referring to “grey stone” and how he would look for it whenever he would climb because according to Hillary, this grey stone was granitic and therefore strong enough to hold the weight of a climber.  Whenever he made an ascent, he would look for the “grey stone” because he knew he could depend on it and it would not let him down – literally! For whatever reason that story stuck with me and as the development of the program continued and we began to consider names, Greystone came to mind!

The challenge before you as an academy candidate is often daunting and at times seems impossible, but for those willing to fully engage this challenge, the reward at the summit is worth all the struggles encountered during the climb. As the Founder of the Greystone program, it was my intent to create a program that would be both meaningful and yet applicable to the challenges faced by candidates.  How could I use the potential and power of existing programs within college-level institutions to create an academic, athletic and leadership environment that was above and beyond the existing level of academy preparatory achievement? It took six years to develop the baseline program for Greystone and over the course of the last eleven years of operation, the program continued to grow and evolve.  The engine behind this change has been our students – and in particular, our graduates.  Their feedback along with the guidance provided by the academies ensures that Greystone is on the cutting edge of academy preparatory education excellence.  Every year as our students graduate from Greystone and enter the academies, they provide us with suggestions to improve the program – taking us to the next higher level.  Due to our unique relationship with Schreiner University, we have been able to incorporate these changes into the Greystone program.  So long as there are candidates in need of the Greystone challenge, we will continue to evolve and keep pace with the needs expressed by our graduates and the academies to deliver the best possible academy preparatory program! As an academy candidate not willing to give up on your dream of serving our nation as an academy trained and educated leader, trust in us, put your entire weight on Greystone.  We will not let you down as you ascend the mountainous challenge and earn your academy appointment.

Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you, but your dream will not.
Responsibilities need not erase it. Duties need not obscure it.
Because the dream is within you and no one can take that away.
- Tom Clancy

Throughout the website you will discover inspirational and motivational quotes – words that have helped our students to see clearly in times of doubt and despair.  I encourage you to believe in yourself and to believe in your future – do not give up on your  d dddddddddddddddddjjjddddddddddddddream!  If there is one thing that is significant about Greystone it is our “never give up” attitude.  Life is full of uphill challenges and before you commit to this next ascent, ensure you have a proven and capable guide to help guide your way.  I encourage you to read the entire website and then compare “apples to apples” with all other academy prep programs.  

Greystone alumni, Jon Cameron, USNA 2011

Search for the program that will empower you to excel as a scholar, athlete and leader – and do so in a positive, inspirational and motivating way.  Over the course of this next year you should use this opportunity to grow - and in so doing, you will make your first-year academy experience better because you will have a leg-up on your classmates. Make sure your prep experience is going to provide you with the tools and skills that will not only get you into the academies, but will also carry you through the academy to graduation.  This is our purpose – we are here to guide you through your academy appointment challenge and empower you with the self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem to engage more challenging ascents that you are sure to encounter at the academies and throughout your military career.  I encourage you  to reach for the stars and to go where you have never gone before – to the jagged edge of your perceived potential.  At Greystone, we will take you there and beyond and when you fear that you cannot go any farther, we will take yet another step.  Greystone is with you every step of your journey – together we will climb!

David T. Bailey, CDR, USN (Ret.) USNA '81

Greystone Founder and CEO



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