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On behalf of the Greystone Staff and students, we welcome you to the Greystone website.  We congratulate you for having found our site and for your interest in our program.  It is our intent to help you as well as those candidates you represent because at the end of the day, we both seek the same goal – to send the very best young men and women to the academies.  If we can be of service to you or to those you are working with, we stand ready to help.  Because Greystone is not for everyone, whether or not a student elects to attend Greystone is irrelevant.  What is relevant is that the candidates choose the path that is best for him or her to earn their academy appointment or their selection into a program leading to a degree and commission.  Greystone stands for all who desire to maximize their year of prep so they can go on to an academy for the purpose of maximizing their 4-year academy opportunity.  So long as they accomplish that mission, they will be fully capable of serving as the finest leader possible.  Those they will someday lead deserve nothing but the best from their leaders and Greystone stands by to assist in that process.

Since our start in 2004, Greystone has worked closely with all five of the Federal Service Academies to ensure what we are doing with our candidates meets their expectations.  Over the years, Greystone has evolved from a program completely focused on empowering candidates to earn their academy appointment to where we are now – enhancing the program to provide candidates with the skills and experience necessary to excel through the academies to graduation…and commissioning!

Greystone is approved by the Naval Academy Foundation, the West Point Preparatory Scholars Program and the Air Force Academy Falcon Foundation for their sponsored candidates.  Greystone also accepts candidates who are not sponsored – free agents.  As a Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3), Greystone also accepts all candidates regardless of their gender or diversity status.  So long as an academy candidate meets the Schreiner University admission criteria and is willing to provide Greystone with a 110% effort 100% of the time, they are welcome into the program.

As an academy representative, you are welcome to contact Greystone at any time.  Should you be in the area, you are welcome to visit Greystone – we are always here!  You are encouraged to participate in any of the scheduled Greystone events – especially the Greystone Honor Code and Standards of Conduct Presentation during the Fall Semester.  Additionally, should you have a candidate interested in Greystone, they too are welcome to visit or participate in any of the Greystone events or activities.
Should you have a candidate in need of a Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA), Greystone runs a CFA every month during the first semester and on an “as needed” basis during the second semester.  Candidates required to perform the Physical Readiness Test (PRT) or the Physical Fitness Examination (PFE) can also schedule these assessments through the Greystone office.

Additionally, should you have a candidate that must sit for a congressional or senatorial interview, they are welcome to participate in the Greystone Murder Board.  The Murder Board affords the candidate with a dress rehearsal for their actual congressional interview.  The Board is comprised of retired officers, community leaders and University Faculty/Staff.  Students are evaluated on their answers to questions, appearance, demeanor, hand use, posture, eye contact and communication skills. The candidate is presented to the Board and the process is completed within 30 minutes.  The candidate is asked to leave the room while the Board discusses the candidate’s performance.  At the end of their discussion, the candidate is brought back into the room where he/she receives a debrief from every member of the Board.  The efforts put forth by the Board have contributed significantly to the 99% success rate of our candidates earning at least one nomination.  Should you have a candidate that could benefit from such an experience prior to their nomination interview, please contact the Greystone office to make arrangements for the Murder Board interview.

During the summer, Greystone hosts a series of GoToWebinars designed to help the candidate prepare for the nomination and academy application process.  Students learn about time management, physical fitness and how to write an effective application for a nomination and academy application.  The program is intended for students who will be entering Greystone as part of the incoming class; however, if you feel you have a candidate in need of our assistance, please have your candidate contact the Greystone office to obtain a schedule for the GoToWebinars.

Throughout the academic year, Greystone hosts two professional development lectures as part of the Klocko Leadership Lecture Series and the Hatchett Character Lecture Series.  These lectures are open to the public and all academy candidates are invited to attend and participate in these opportunities to enhance their understanding of the military and the profession of arms.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Greystone at 830-896-6530 or send an email to

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