Community Service

Greystone Class Presidents "Bell Ringing" for the Salvation Army. Donations collected help support the Boys and Girls Club run by Greystone students after class.

A major component of the Leadership Training course involves student participation in community service.  A natural link between candidates who aspire to serve their country as academy trained and educated leaders is their involvement in service to others while they are in the application process to get into the academies.  Greystone believes that such involvement demonstrates to the academy admission boards that our candidates are well rounded and capable of doing much more than just focusing their efforts on academics or athletics – they are also capable of using their leadership skills and abilities to serve others.

Greystone students build walking trails at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow.

As a Greystone student, you will participate along with your classmates in community service programs with local elementary schools, the Salvation Army, American Cancer Society (Relay for Life), Rotary International, Veterans Administration Hospital, Vietnam Veterans Association, YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow, Camp Stewart, Camp Rays of Hope (Children’s Bereavement Weekend), Wounded Warriors Project (Brooks Army Medical Center) and Boy Scouts of America.  Community service usually involves volunteer service, however, as volunteers, Greystone students take on considerable responsibility as leaders and organizers.  It is through their involvement in these organizations that need help and assistance to complete their mission that Greystone students understand the meaning of compassion – putting the needs of others before themselves – and of servant leadership – putting the needs of those they lead before themselves.

Greystone students insulating cabins at YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow.

Community service within the Texas Hill Country also helps to showcase our students within the Kerrville community.  Greystone and the Greystone students are looked upon as a source of pride.  As young men and women aspiring to serve this nation as academy trained and educated leaders, taking time to lend a helping hand means much to those in need and those who seek to serve them.  Greystone students clearly establish themselves as role models within the community and it helps to explain why they are in such high demand when it comes to organizations that serve children and young adults.  Helping others within their own age group helps them to understand how very fortunate they are to be given the opportunity to compete for an academy appointment.  It is a humbling experience to help those less fortunate and it is particularly humbling to know that what you are doing as a volunteer truly makes a difference that can last a lifetime.  Those who receive assistance from Greystone, young and old alike have been changed because they know that these young men and women will go on to do something great with their life.  It is our hope that through our interaction, we too may change some lives to help them become somehow better in their life.

Greystoners organizing and running in the 9/11 Heroes Run 10K in Dallas.

Greystone students accumulate over 100 community service hours between the time they arrive in August and when they leave in May.  This contribution is seen as a way of giving back to this community and our nation for the many opportunities they are afforded as academy candidates.  Through their service to the community, Kerrville and the Texas Hill Country is better off as a community – and the community is grateful for their contribution.

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