Structure & Oversight

The Greystone program is organized to replicate the structure currently existing at the five Federal Service Academies. This means that through our experience, Greystone students learn how to work within a complex academic, athletic, and leadership development environment. When they arrive at the academies, they are knowledgeable of the process and ready to maximize the experience.

Like the academies, Greystone structurally consists of two organizations – the academic world and the military world. For that reason, Greystone partnered with the University of the Ozarks to provide the academic program. Greystone and Arkansas Technical University provide the military portion of the program. Through a "cross-town" agreement with Arkansas Tech, Greystone students enroll in the Army ROTC Military Science I (MS-I) course as an elective. MS-I meets twice weekly – once for class and once for lab – and students wear Army OCP uniforms on those days. The Greystone military component consists of a full-time professional staff, a student-run operational chain of command, and a student-run administrative chain of command. The staff is responsible for providing daily oversight of the entire Greystone program as well as serving as liaison with the University of the Ozarks to ensure our students receive the academic, athletic, and leadership development needed to enhance their standing as academy candidates.

Given that Greystone is in the business of preparing leaders to enter the academies and serve as commissioned officers, all Greystone students participate in the day-to-day operation of the Greystone program. The administrative chain of command is responsible for creating all plans that ensure that the Greystone schedule requirements are fully met. Students learn how to schedule, organize, plan and liaison within the team to complete the program's requirements. This organization consists entirely of students who receive the first-hand experience of leadership as well as followership. Once the administrative chain of command creates the plan, it is then passed to the operational chain of command, where the plan is executed. As with the Administrative chain of command, the operational chain of command consists entirely of students who gain invaluable leadership experience, which they take with them to the academies. The Greystone staff oversees the administrative and operational chains of command to ensure the students use proper methods and actions to carry out their duties and responsibilities. The objective is to provide each Greystone student with the knowledge and experience that will enable them to excel at the academy.

The Greystone staff has been working together to provide program oversight for the past seventeen years. In addition to the staff, Greystone is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the staff performs their duties as expected and that the program operates within the confines of a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit business. The Greystone staff and Board consist of members with extensive military and civilian leadership experience. Together, the Greystone structure and oversight work in concert to ensure that the program remains true to its mission of providing the nation's best academy prep experience.

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