Structure & Oversight

Greystone is a unique academy preparatory school for many reasons - because of what it provides re-applicants and also by what it does not provide for re-applicants.  What Greystone does that makes it unique is, beginning on day one, elevate all candidates from the high school graduate level to the college freshman level!  All Greystone students are FULL-TIME college freshmen.  It was intentional that Greystone students would not be provided with a "grade 13" high school experience, nor would Greystone provide a community college or junior college experience - because the academies are significantly above those levels of academic challenge.  If candidates are serious about competing for academy appointments, serious about improving their skills and abilities to meet the academy academic challenge and are serious about maximizing their prep school opportunities to enhance their academy options, they should use this year of prep to elevate themselves to the academy academic level - anything less than that is a disservice to their ambition to become the best of the best. 

Greystone students engage in the same freshman level academic courses they are required to take at the academies for two reasons - to demonstrate to the academy admissions boards that they possess the scholastic skills and abilities to succeed at the academy level. The second reason is to provide the candidate with the opportunity to take what they learn through Schreiner University and use it to their advantage. Because of their college experience, Greystone students are afforded the option to either validate (test out of) their academy courses that they completed while enrolled at Schreiner University or they can retake their Schreiner University courses again - but because of their knowledge and experience previously gained as a college freshman, they earn a better grade.  Both options provide Greystone students with a significant "leg-up" because depending on what their goals are upon graduation, each option can be worked to their advantage (higher GPA by taking courses again means a higher class standing and ultimately a broader selection of career opportunities or by validating academy freshman level courses, they are able to take additional courses in their major as upperclassmen which can lead to advanced education opportunities or broader selection of career opportunities). Because of the way Greystone is structured, no other academy preparatory school can provide candidates with such dynamic opportunities! 

Full-time college student means that our students are taking more than 12 credit hours per semester of courses and in fact, our students are taking up to 19 credit hours per semester for a total of 38 credits which completes their freshman year of college!  No other academy preparatory program in the country offers this level of academic immersion because no other academy preparatory program is affiliated with a four-year, fully-accredited university!  And that is why Schreiner University is able to say that they have sent more students to the five federal service academies than any other university in the country!  For those candidates who are serious about improving those credentials that matter most to the academy admissions boards, sustained academic performance at the college level - more than any other area of consideration, convinces a board of your ability to succeed at an academy.  And that is why Greystone students are admitted at such a high rate and that is also why Greystone students graduate at a high rate - a rate that exceeds all other academy preparatory schools and that includes the academy's own prep programs (MAPS, NAPS and AFAPS).

The Greystone program is – by design – intended to be a high-intensity full-immersion experience focused on providing candidates with challenging university-level academics, rigorous physical conditioning and sports and professional development as leaders of character.  To accomplish this, Greystone cannot realistically support more than 50 students and maintain our level of academy preparatory excellence – it is just not feasible!  The key to ensuring that the quality of the program remains high is to ensure that our Staff and volunteers are of the highest quality.

The structure of the Greystone program is simple - combine the strength and flexibility of a four-year, fully-accredited university with a preparatory program that was specially designed by academy faculty, staff and alumni specifically intended to maximize the scholastic, athletic and leadership credentials of each candidate. Once the structure provided by the university and the preparatory school is in place, it is then up to the students to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to them.  The key to the success of the Greystone program and the success of our candidates is a function of the staff, faculty, Board and volunteers who combine their experience and knowledge to oversee the individual success of each candidate thus ensuring the expected growth and results.  

The Greystone program was developed by David Bailey who was a prep school candidate, Midshipman at the Naval Academy, career Naval Officer and Naval Academy Faculty member before becoming the Executive Director of Greystone.  His experience as a leader and as an educator enables Greystone to provide students with the kind of experience that is both meaningful and applicable to the challenges they face at the academies.  Having had the experience as a prep school student and Midshipman affords him a unique perspective which is translated to the overall Greystone challenge – it is real!  He is now the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Greystone Program. And as the CEO and Executive Director, he sets the vision for the rest of the Staff to emulate and oversees the daily operation of the program.

Captain Tom Vortmann is a retired Naval Officer who has experience in the military supply and logistics fields.  His involvement in Desert Storm provides him with a “real world” perspective of leadership expectations.  He received his commission from the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) which is extremely helpful in the completion of the candidates ROTC back-up plans.  Captain Vortmann is also responsible for the Greystone Public Relations as well as our Marketing and Advertising programs.

Mrs. Brenda Bailey is the Administrative Director of the Greystone program.  She is overall responsible for the completion of all nomination and academy applications.  Having been one of the Greystone incorporators and part of the initial development of the Greystone idea, she is the brain behind the execution of the paperwork side of Greystone.

Miss Danielle Schaefer is the Greystone Communications Manager and works directly with the CEO.  She is responsible for the production of the Greystone Website, Social Media, Greystone Compass – our quarterly newsletter, and the Greystone Plan of the Day. In the Fall Semester, Danielle shares the responsibility of overseeing the PT program with CDR Bailey.

The combined efforts of the Staff result in a dynamic program that empowers students to earn their academy appointments.  This is accomplished by providing the program with organization first and foremost.  The program must have leadership and it must have a routine which is the heartbeat of Greystone. Without leadership there is chaos – and in this time-critical year of preparation there is no time for chaos!  A well lead organization that is well structured with a dynamic routine is well on its way to providing the students with their success, except it needs one more element – oversight.  The day-to-day oversight is the key that makes the difference between a traditional prep school experience and Greystone.  Having a Staff that is knowledgeable of the academy preparatory process and then unleashing this group of dedicated and committed individuals to work with our candidates ensures that they evolve into young men and women worthy of an academy appointment.  Because of the oversight provided by the Staff, the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Schreiner University faculty and staff and all of the Greystone volunteers, students receive a great deal of hands on supervision, guidance and counsel.  The purpose is to elevate their level of performance as scholars, athletes and leaders - -and also as mature and refined candidates who represent Greystone, Schreiner and the academies well.  Without the structure, organization and oversight provided by so many who care deeply about our candidates, the results of each consecutive Greystone Class would not be as impressive as they are – successful  people inspiring successful young people is a very powerful combination.

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