Greystone Team Leadership Positions

Fall Semester 2017

Each Greystone student is assigned a position of responsibility and their contribution from their area helps the team to accomplish the mission - 34 for 34 appointments. 

Class Officers:

Executive Officer (XO): Ethan Burby

President: Grace McElroy

Vice President: Franky Tangredi

Secretary: Morgan Ustick

Treasurer: Elaine Love

Operations Officer: Hope Moseley

Logistics Officer: Peyton Seago

Athletic Coordinators:  Conor Kratsas/Jett Leach 

Community Service Coordinator: Christina Bain

SU Student Senate Representative: Ryan Comeau

Academic Coordinators:  Adrian Schalk/Conor Kratsas

• Effective Communication President: Matt McGee

ROTC Platoon Commander: Justin Hofman

Honor Committee:

Honor Chairman: Ty Miller

Vice Honor Chairman: Mackenzie Pearson

Conduct Committee:

• Conduct Chairman: Monty Lopez

• Vice Conduct Chairman: Josh Schirner

Where do our Greystone students come from?

Team Organization

Together Everyone Achieves More. I read that a few years ago and it stuck with me. There is great wisdom in the word "TEAM" because it represents the secret behind Greystone. For so many other programs - from attending a college on your own to being part of a military academy prep school - without a team, it is guaranteed that the performance of the individual will not not be as great! In this highly competitive environment where the prize is a $500,000 academy experience, there is little to no room for anything less than the very best performance across the board. Whether you are thinking about performance in the classroom, on the athletic field or as a leader, team is essential to the level of excellence achieved. If you are incapable of achieving excellence, you should consider another career opportunity!

Greystone is all about TEAM - and it begins on Day 1. When students arrive at Greystone and complete the check-in process, they are assigned to a work detail. It could be the "Clean Team" or the "Paint Team" or the "Moving Team" - everyone is assigned to a job and a team. The intent is to force "interaction" within each team - the Greystone students all begin talking to each other while they work. Keep in mind, most, if not all, have never met before check-in! As they work, they talk, they then begin to work together - first within the team and then between teams - they must if they are to complete their tasks on time. Once completed, all teams have been around the entire Greystone dorm, they have talked with everyone and they have begun the bonding process - an essential element of team building.

From Day 1 thru the final day, the team building process continues. Bonding between teammates never ends and as need arises for assistance, those within the team are readily there to elevate their team member in need so that the end result is that the individual grows and so too does the team! At one time prior to Greystone, they were alone with no one to turn to for help or assistance, and now they have a team of friends that share a common bond. The bond is a function of the team and individual goal - it is what brought them together in the beginning! Each member of the Greystone team seeks to do their very best to EARN their academy appointment. They understand that they must become better than they were or the result will most likely be the same - rejection. Therefore, it is imperative that they all improve and there is no better way of achieving success than as a team. Together, everyone accomplishes more - and that is what is needed if they are to succeed. Success at Greystone can be seen in their mission - 100%...they leave no one behind!

From the first day to the weekend camping trip to the YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow Challenge Course - Greystone students function as a close-knit team that shares everything and is there for each other. Team is the reason for academic success, athletic accomplishment, and leadership development. By working together in support of one another, success is achievable. The problem with most programs is that they fail to understand how to form a team and then to work the team to ensure success - that takes a special kind of leadership - leadership based upon proven experience. Just because someone claims to be a leader based on their rank or experience does not necessarily make them the right leader for you. This year of prep will require that you perform like never before and as such, you need to be in a program that knows how to maximize your needs and inspire you toward excellence. Look past the "uniform" and see who is leading your program. What have they done and what is their experience - are they team players or leaders. You trust them with your future and your academy success - make sure your trust is properly placed!

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