Team Organization

The secret behind the success of Greystone has always been the team. Students from around the nation come to the University of the Ozarks to become part of the Greystone team. Unlike any other academy prep program, Greystone students are more successful earning their nominations and academy appointments. More importantly, Greystone students who enter the academies graduate and take their commissions – successfully! How is this possible…the answer is TEAM!

Students arrive at Greystone in the summer as strangers and by the start of the academic year have established strong bonds of friendship – stronger than any of their other friends! The Greystone team shares one thing in common – they all aspire to earn their academy appointments! The goal of each Greystone team is always 100%...100% of all Greystoners will earn their academy appointments – and they work together as a team to achieve that goal!

Every member of the team arrives at Greystone having not earned their academy appointment. They may have fallen short, but no one is willing to give up on their dream of attending an academy. This synergy is the driving force that propels students to pursue excellence in all they do. There are no “half-measure” or “partial credit” efforts. The team excels in all they do for one reason – to earn their appointment.

Should any member of the team be deficient in any area, another member with a strength in that same area will work together with their teammate to overcome their deficiency. In doing so, the performance of the individual will be elevated – and so will the performance of the team! The combination of effort with access – access to a full university with their extensive academic capabilities, athletic facilities and our encouraging leadership team – can be attributed to the reasons why our students excel more than any other group of academy-bound candidates.

If you need an organization specifically designed to meet your unique ambition – and you aspire to belong to an organization bigger than yourself – then Greystone is the best program for you to make your dream into a reality. Greystone is not for everyone. Greystone is challenging, but with the team and the support afforded every member of the team, success is not only possible, but almost a certainty. You will only get out of Greystone what you are willing to put into Greystone – it is up to you! You won’t ever be alone when you are part of the Greystone team!

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