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This is the newest Greystone video dedicated to the additional atributes included in the Greystone program above and beyond the academic program provided by Schreiner University.  In this video you will see more of the Athlete and Leadership development activities that contribute to the total emersion of the candidate into what we refer to as Academy Preparatory Education.  This is an 18.5 minute video and from the feedback received from those who have watched it, it was well worth the time!  Enjoy!



This is the first Greystone video created in 2009 and the focus of this production is the unique relationship between Greystone and Schreiner University and this community.  The academic challenge provided by the courses and faculty of Schriener are completely in sync with the academic expectations expressed by the academies for those candidates seeking to reapply.  As a result of this relationship, candidates elevate their skills and abilities to that of the university level which enables them to transition laterally directly into an academy thus giving Greystone candidates a significant advantage over their classmates!  The video is 9 minutes in duration and well worth your time!


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