Visit Greystone

Schreiner University is an open campus and therefore visitors to Greystone are always welcome! However, should you like to experience more than a walk around the Schreiner campus or a brief Main Office visit; you may want to make arrangements with the Greystone office (830-896-6530). We offer a variety of visits to include:

Greystone Day Visit

For those candidates who cannot participate in the Candidate Weekend, Greystone is able to support Day Visits. Ideally, Day Visits can be arranged by registering through this form or on short notice by calling the Greystone office (830-896-6530). The Day Visit routine is as follows:

    0900 Arrival at the Greystone Office – meet with the Director and Staff
    1000 Visit with the Schreiner University Admissions Counselor
    1100 Schreiner University Campus Tour
    1200 Lunch in the Schreiner Diner with Greystone students
    1300 Attend Class with Greystone student
    1400 Return to Greystone for Dorm tour
    1430 Last Minute Q&A Session with the Director
    1500 Depart Campus

The Day Visit is an ideal way to see the campus and experience some of what Greystone students do every day. Most importantly, candidates are able to meet and talk with Greystone students about what they have experienced through Greystone and Schreiner University. See what one of our recent candidates had to say about his Day Visit in February:

Greystone Candidate Weekend

Academy candidates are encouraged to experience first-hand the life of a Greystone student and the best way of making this happen is by spending the weekend! The Candidate Weekend begins on Thursday evening at 1700 (5PM) when candidates arrive on the Schreiner University campus. Following a brief check-in, candidates are paired up with their Greystone student escort. The escort will act as their running-mate by taking them to all of the scheduled events and activities. Candidates will live in the Greystone dormitory with their escort. Candidates typically experience the following routine for the weekend:

    1700 Candidate registration/Room and Roommate Assignment
    1800 Dinner
    1900 Welcome and "Greystone 101"
    2000 Study Hall
    0545 Morning PT
    0730 Breakfast
    0800 Schreiner University Classes
    1200 Lunch
    1300 Meet with Greystone Staff 
    1400 Meet with Admissions/SU Campus Tour
    1600 Effective Communication and Time Management training
    1730 Dinner in Kerrville
    1900 Time with Running Mates
    2300 Lights Out     

    0715 Wake Up 
    0800 Breakfast
    0930 Closing Remarks and Parents Presentation
    1030 Checkout
    1200 Depart for SAT

2019 Candidate Weekend Dates:

14-16 February

21-23 March

11-13 April

25-27 April

The Candidate Weekend affords the best chance to live the Greystone lifestyle and ask questions directly from those who are experiencing Greystone! If you are interested,

and please call the Greystone Main Office at 830-896-6530 or email Mrs. Brenda Bailey the Administrative Director at

If you are flying into San Antonio International Airport (SAT), please ensure you arrive before 5PM to facilitate transportation to Greystone.

Visitors are always welcome to participate in any scheduled Greystone event or activity. To see what we have coming up, please take a look at our calendar on the Home Page. To ensure that Greystone is prepared to support your specific needs, please call the Greystone office prior to your arrival on campus. The Main Office number is 830-896-6530 or you can email Mrs. Brenda Bailey at

Area Hotels & Restaurants

Visit for places to stay and for places to eat. Feel free to contact the Greystone office for recommendations.

Driving Directions

Directions from Dallas:
-Take I-35 South passing through Waco toward South Austin.
-Go West on Hwy. 290 toward Johnson City
-Continue West on Hwy. 290 toward Fredericksburg.
-In Fredericksburg, take a left on 16 South.
-Go Southwest on Hwy. 16 approximately 23 miles to Kerrville.

Directions from Austin:
-Go West on Hwy. 290 toward Johnson City.
-Continue West on Hwy. 290 toward Fredericksburg
-In Fredericksburg, take a left on 16 South.
-Go Southwest on Hwy. 16 approximately 23 miles to Kerrville.

Directions from Houston:
-Take I-10 West toward San Antonio.
-Continue through San Antonio on I-10 West.
-Travel approximately 65 miles to Kerrville.

Directions to Schreiner from Hwy 16:
-On Hwy. 16, continue straight through town. You will pass several hotels, gas stations, etc., and cross several streetlights.
- Turn left at the intersection of 16S and Hwy. 27. (there will be a courthouse to your left). Continue Hwy. 27 (it curves a lot). You will pass a cemetery on your left. Shortly afterward, you will see Schreiner University on the left. Turn in to the main entrance and take a right at the stop sign. We are the second building on the left (LA Schreiner).


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