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Why is the University of the Ozarks affiliated with the Greystone program?

In keeping with its high standard established for the University of the Ozarks student body, the addition of highly motivated and highly qualified students aspiring to qualify for an appointment to a service academy is a perfect match. Greystone students have historically excelled in the challenging academic environment created by a 4-year university - small class size, courses taught by a professor with their PhD, high level of academic expectation and access to additional help beyond the classroom. Ozarks and Greystone believe that a liberal arts education provides a strong foundation upon which to build a successful academic experience – especially for those considering a military profession. By providing a year of intense academic experience, Greystone students are better prepared to undertake the similar scholastic rigors they will encounter once they arrive at the academy. This endeavor with Greystone is one that is well within the boundaries of the University of the Ozark’s mission.

How does Greystone fit into the University of the Ozarks?

The University of the Ozarks is a fully accredited four-year university with an established history and reputation for academic excellence. Greystone students assimilate directly into the campus community. Greystone students attend classes with University of the Ozarks students and are encouraged to participate in all campus organizations and activities. Greystone students are well respected by the campus community, faculty and staff for what they aspire to achieve in service to our nation. Greystone students are full-time Ozarks students and have full access to all University facilities.

Who should apply to Greystone?

The structure, organization and oversight that Greystone provides is designed for students who applied to an academy but did not earn their appointment. Greystone also accepts students who have not applied but are willing to put forth the significant effort required to compete for an academy nomination and appointment as well as students interested in pursuing their commission through the six other military programs sponored by Greystone on campus. Students accepted into the Greystone program must first meet the Uiversity of the Ozarks admission requirements and be accepted by the University of the Ozarks.

What classes will Greystone students take?

To fulfill the academic requirements established by the academies, Greystone students participating in the academy prep program will enroll in up to 19 credit hours per semester for a total of 38 credit hours for the academic year. Greystone students complete their freshman year of college and those courses are then included into their official University transcript. Depending on the students' previous studies, the Greystone core curriculum may include Calculus I and II, Chemistry I and II with lab, English composition I and II, American History I and II, and Military Science I. In the Spring Semester, students can take an elective course beyond the core curriculum. For those Greystone students pursing their commission through one of the 4-year programs, required courses are based upon the major and minors selected. Outside of academics, Greystone students are required to participate in daily Physical Training program, weekly Character Development and Leadership Training, Effective Communication, Time Management Training, UofO intramural sports and participate in community service. They also participate in a mandatory four-hour study hall six nights per week (Sunday through Friday). The Greystone program focuses on the three characteristics that the academies seek in outstanding candidates: academics, leadership and physical excellence. Similar to the academies, Greystone prep student rooms are inspected daily, they live according to an Honor Code and Standards of Conduct that they write and take every SAT/ACT examination offered from August through January. The academic objective is to keep each student challenged and fully engaged while providing them with the means to excel as an Ozarks student and eventually as a cadet or midshipman at the academies. The Greystone prep program meets and exceeds the academy recommendation for post high school candidate who wish to reapply for their appointment.

Will Greystone students stand out from the other University of the Ozarks students?

Greystone students enjoy the full spectrum of academic and athletic participation as well as social interaction. Greystone students not enrolled in Army ROTC do not wear uniforms, yet they are required to maintain the dress code and grooming standard while on campus. Greystone students enrolled in Army ROTC wear OCP uniforms on their ROTC class or lab days. Greystone students share academic classes with non-Greystone students but attend Greystone-specific Character Development, Leadership Training and Effective Communications meetings, as well as a more rigorous physical training program on weekday mornings. All Greystone students, however, live on campus in the Cary-Wortz residence hall.

Is it very expensive to attend Greystone at University of the Ozarks?

For academy-bound candidates, the cost of preparatory education is an investment in their future academy experience. Selecting the appropriate academy prep program results in an advantage in preparedness should the candidate earn his or her academy appointment. The University of the Ozarks has made the one-year academy prep program more affordable by providing each student with significant scholarship which reduces the cost of room, board, tuition, and fees to $23,900 for the entire academic year. Greystone students are eligible to receive all State and Federal tuition assistance through submission of their FAFSA. This can significantly reduce the cost. For those who are eligible to receive VA scholarship (Yellow Ribbon Program) the University of the Ozarks acccepts these scholarships as well. Even though costs are reduced for Greystone students, they will enjoy complete access to all campus facilities and activities.

What happens if a Greystone student is unsuccessful after the first year at the University of the Ozarks?

The year invested in Greystone is valuable in terms of educational options. While at the University of the Ozarks, Greystone students earn up to 38 college credits, which is unique to an academy prep program. Any Greystone student who does not receive an appointment has several academic options: continue at Greystone for another year in pursuit of their academy appointment; continue their college education as a University of the Ozarks sophomore enrolled in one of the six 4-year military commissioning programs offered to UofO students; or take their earned credit hours and transfer to another college or university as a sophomore. The bottom line is that time invested in Greystone/University of the Ozarks is not wasted - each student completes their freshman year and earns up to 38 college credits that are fully transferable toward their degree.

What are the benefits for a candidate who attends Greystone at the University of the Ozarks

A Greystone student who earns their academy appointment can elect to use their Ozarks experience to give them an advantage in one of two ways: they can choose to validate academy courses which will free their first-year academic matrix and allow it to be populated with sophomore year courses. The advantage of this option is to afford the student with the opportunity to work on special programs during their senior year (Rhodes Scholars, Owens Scholars, Trident Scholars, or a civilian master's degree program). For those who desire to pursue a competitive career field like aviation, special forces, etc., a high-class standing is essential to the success of this venture. The majority of the class standing is determined by GPA and therefore Greystone students utilize their UofO academic experience when they retake those same courses at the academy for a better grade. The better grade equates to a higher GPA which translates to a higher class standing making those competitive career fields obtainable.

Can earned University of the Ozarks credits be transferred to an academy?

Depending on the academy, some UofO credits are fully transferable. If credits are not transferable, the Ozarks courses Greystone students enroll in as part of the core curriculum are in-sync with the academy first year courses and therefore they provide students a significant academic advantage in terms of college-level experience which promotes improved academic success. If a student is not allowed to receive credit for their Ozarks courses, they will be allowed to validate or "test out" of courses upon arrival at the academy.

Is a Greystone student guaranteed an academy appointment after the year at the University of the Ozarks?

No academy prep school can guarantee a student an appointment - not even the prep schools operated by the academies. All students must compete for their nominations and appointments. The Greystone program, however, maximizes a student's competitiveness and options. Since there are no guarantees, it is in your best interest to maximize the year of prep to ensure you can take full advantage of all opportunities to improve yourself as a scholar, athlete and leader in order to be as competitive as possible. Think worst case scenario – what if you do not earn your appointment after investing in a year of prep? If you can maximize your year of prep to stand out as an academy candidate and if unsuccessful, can then transition into other programs that offer different paths to a commission as an officer in the Armed Forces, then there is only one opportunity to maximize everything and that is at Greystone!

How do I apply to the Greystone Program?

Students must complete a Ozarks/Greystone application. This application can be found on this website through the "Apply Now" tab. The completed application and all required documents must be forwarded to the University of the Ozarks for an admission determination. Questions about admission and/or financial aid should be addressed to Mrs. Brenda Bailey at 830-896-6530.


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